PPO Ifugao begins therapeutic program for probationers

LAGAWE, Ifugao, March 6 (PIA)- -The Parole and Probation Office (PPO) here began its Therapeutic Community Ladderized Program (TCLP) for its  97 parolees and probationers in preparation for their integration to the community.  


PPO-Ifugao Head Eroflyn Tilan explained that the TCLP is one of the rehabilitation programs of the PPO. It is a self-help social learning treatment model that uses the concept of family or community, staff and clients as the primary therapeutic vehicle that will enable their clients to move from “wrong living” to “right living.”

It is an environment that helps people get help while helping others wherein the interactions of the members are designed to be therapeutic within the context of the norms that require for each to play the dual role of client-therapist.

Ifugao paroless and probationers in one of the activities under  the Therapeutic Community Ladderized Program.

Ifugao PPO conducts the therapeutic sessions and activities for its clients on a monthly basis at the JDT Buiding Hall. The program  is categorized  into Phase 1 as the preparatory or orientation stage, Phase 2 as the primary treatment stage, Phase 3 as the immersion stage and Phase 4 as the integration stage in which each stage comprises different topics focusing on the different human dimensions.

The TCLP operates in a similar fashion to a functional family with a hierarchical  structure of older and younger members where each member has a defined role and responsibilities for sustaining the functioning of the therapeutic community as there are sets of rules and community norms that members upon entry commits to live by and uphold, Tilan said.

There are five  distinct categories of activity that help promote the change to the clients namely  Relational or Behavioral Management, Affective/Emotional or Psychological, Cognitive or Intellectual, Spiritual and Psychomotor/Vocational and Survival Skills.

Tilan informed that mission of the program is to promote human and social transformation among themselves and their clients with a vision that by the end of this decade, this TCLP shall become a corporate culture of the PPA and the Department of Justice permeating its plans, programs and practices and confirming its status as a model component of the Philippine Correctional System. (JDP/DBC- PIA CAR, Ifugao)

By Daniel B. Codamon






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