30 September 2020 Ifugao

Banaue police nagtayo ng bahay para sa maralitang pamilya

LAMUT, Ifugao, Sept. 28 (PIA) - - Isang maralitang pamilya ang tinayuan kamakailan ng Banaue Municipal Police Station (MPS) ng disenteng bahay sa tulong ng mga ibang police units at donors.

30 September 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao town bans entry of live pigs, pork products

AGUINALDO, Ifugao, Sept. 29 (PIA) - - Entry of live pigs, pork and related products and by-products, whether cooked or processed, is totally banned here as a measure   to prevent the further spread of African Swine Fever (ASF)   in the municipality.

30 September 2020 Ifugao

Institutionalization of MOVE vs VAWC in Ifugao town sought

KIANGAN, Ifugao, Sept. 30 (PIA)- -The ordinance institutionaling the Males Against Violence Everywhere (MOVE) as a strategy in advocating anti-violence against women and children and appropriating funds thereof to stop rape, domestic violence, child abuse and the protection of women and children in the municipality  is being mulled.

27 September 2020 Ifugao

LGU-Lagawe locks down 3 barangays for contract tracing

LAGAWE, Ifugao, Sept. 26(PIA) - - The local government unit here conducts intensified contact tracing activities to abate the spread of the Coronavirus Disease – 19 (COVID)-19 as the municipality recorded its 11th case on Thursday.

22 September 2020 Ifugao

DA-CAR holds Corn Derby Field Day in Ifugao town

ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao, Sept. 22 (PIA) - - The Department of Agriculture – Cordillera (DA-CAR) initiated a corn derby field day at barangay Busilac in this municipality last week attended by corn farmers and other stakeholders.

19 September 2020 Ifugao

Restrictions imposed in some areas in Ifugao for contact tracing

LAMUT, Ifugao, Sept. 18 (PIA) - - The municipal mayors of Alfonso Lista and Lagawe towns placed some of their barangays under restrictions for safety measures against the Coronavirus Disease – 2019.

16 September 2020 Ifugao

Work at Lagawe municipal hall temporarily suspended

LAGAWE, Ifugao, Sept. 14 (PIA) - - Work at  the municipal office is temporarily  suspended for the time being  while a barangay  here was placed  on lockdown  for three days after an  employee of the local government unit here  tested positive for  COVID-19.

16 September 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao LGUs to strengthen quarantine checkpoints

LAMUT, Ifugao, Sept. 14(PIA) - - Local government units will support the strengthening of provincial border quarantine checkpoints as a measure against the Coronavirus Disease- 2019.

16 September 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao youth mobilized as anti rape,anti-VAWC advocates

LAGAWE, Ifugao, Sept. 14(PIA) - - Youth in the province are  mobilized as anti-rape and anti- Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) advocates in their respective communities.

04 September 2020 Ifugao

Victory Day celebrates gallantry, sacrifices of WWII & modern day heroes

KIANGAN, Ifugao Sept. 4 (PIA) - - The province of Ifugao successfully commemorated   the 75th Victory Day  in this municipality  on Wednesday(Sept. 2) honouring the gallantry and  sacrifices  of World War II soldiers and guerrillas,   and the frontliners   against the  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) .

27 August 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao to celebrate Victory Day adhering to health protocols

KIANGAN, Ifugao, Aug. 25 (PIA) - - The celebration of the 75th Victory Day on September 2 will push through in this municipality amidst the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

27 August 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao town mandates curfew violators to render community service

ASIPULO, Ifugao, Aug. 26 (PIA) - - Curfew  is now imposed in this town  and violators are required to render  community service   as  the  local government unit (LGU) strengthened its measures  to abate the entry of Coronavirus Disease – 2019 (COVID-19) in the municipality

27 August 2020 Ifugao

Farmers in 2 Ifugao barangays engage in raising sheep

TINOC, Ifugao, Aug.  26 (PIA)- - Sheep may soon be a  common sight  in this municipality with  the Department of Agriculture (DA)  under its Livestock Livelihood Program (LLP) already  dispersing the initial stock.

27 August 2020 Ifugao

15 residents of priority barangays in Ifugao train on taro processing

TINOC, Ifugao, Aug. 27(PIA)- - Residents of six priority barangays of this town were trained on taro processing at the Mugao Training Center at Barangay Impugong last week.

27 August 2020 Ifugao

Ifugao town launches MOVE against rape,domestic violence

KIANGAN, Ifugao, Aug.  27(PIA)- - Disturbed by the increasing  rape cases in the province, the Municipal Government through its Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office  launched  last August 24  the Men Opposed to Violence Everywhere (MOVE) encouraging all men to end rape and other domestic violence in the municipality





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