Liquor ban on calamities, holidays in LT ordered

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet  – The town mayor stood firm on his previous order there will be always liquor ban in the municipality during the onslaught of natural calamities and holidays to contribute in efforts to maintain peace and order.


Mayor Romeo K. Salda said that the implementation of liquor ban during the wrath of Tropical Cyclone Ompong and Typhoon Rosita proved to be a resounding success that is why liquor ban will also be enforced in the municipality during holidays to prevent people from being exposed to activities that might compromise their safety.

“We are grateful to our businessmen and our people for their overwhelming support to a standing executive order for the implementation of liquor ban in the municipality during the onslaught of weather disturbances and holidays. We want to lessen the exposure of our people to liquor-related crimes that is why we issued the liquor ban order,” Mayor Salda stressed.

The local chief executives claimed that people will be safer in their homes during the onslaught of weather disturbances rather than staying in liquor establishments in the municipality aside from the fact that they will be spared from whatever untoward incidents that might happen to them while drinking in liquor establishments that is why the liquor ban order was handed down.

According to him, business establishments  caught serving liquor during the prohibited period will be fined pursuant to the prevailing liquor ordinance with a stern warning that the said establishments will be eventually closed if the same offense will be repeated in other occasions as defined in the executive order.

Mayor Salda urged businessmen and the people of the municipality to continue supporting the implementation of the liquor ban under the prescribed schedule so that the liquor-related crimes will continue to decrease and provide sustained efforts to continue reducing the crime rate in the locality.

Based on data obtained from the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station headed by Chief Inspector Benson Macliing, crime rate in the municipality dropped by a whopping 30 percent over the past two years because of the aggressive implementation of the government’s anti-criminality and peacekeeping efforts coupled with the unrelenting and uncompromising campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs.

Macliing attributed the continuous down trend in the town’s crime rate to the overwhelming support of the local government to its institutionalized programs and projects apart from the cooperation of the people to the said anti-criminality and peacekeeping efforts that helped in improving the peace and order situation in the locality over the past two years.

La Trinidad is one of the first-class municipalities in the Cordillera being groomed as the third city considering that it was already able to meet most of the established parameters for the declaration of a municipality to become a city.

Mayor Salda appealed to the local police force to sustain the implementation of the established liquor ban during the onslaught of calamities and holidays so that people will be used to it and that violators of the same will already be limited thereby instilling discipline to the people during the said times.







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