Council for restoration of values formed in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY -- To promote Baguio as a "character city" with residents who follow the rules and abide by the law, the city government has formed a values restoration team composed of representatives of the different departments.


“Values is the solid foundation of a person's development in this world. We need to really concentrate in enhancing our values as this is the best that we can utilize to improve ourselves and fight the evils and weaknesses of man,” Mayor Mauricio Domogan said during Monday’s flag raising ceremony

Domogan said the simple things in life are connected to a person’s values, and gave as an example the traffic problem, which is brought about by a person’s failure to follow basic rules and lack of concern for others.

He said the program is aimed at instilling in the minds of Baguio residents the importance of keeping good values intact.

He said a person "needs to inculcate in his system the different values that will improve the individual and eventually allow the person to be a good public servant, and an employee of the city government".

“It is a shame to hear that the Philippines is the only Christian country in the Southeast Asian region, yet it is the most corrupt country also in Southeast Asia,” Domogan said.

Assistant city human resource officer Edith Dawaten, who is the designated Values Restoration officer of Baguio said they hope that other departments of the city would join the team, and have more people to implement the programs.

The team is tasked to implement and to echo to employees in their offices the city’s programs related to values formation.

She said the team is coordinating with the character city council of Baguio, which has the same goal and purpose -- to bring out the goodness among Baguio residents -- whether officials or employees.

“There are 52 values that we hope we can have a synchronized discussion with all the members and echoed to the other employees,” said Nathaniel Saguiban, deputy national Director of the Council for Restoration of Filipino Values.

He said “this is the key for change and transformation in Baguio city and the Philippines". (PNA)


By Liza Agoot






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