DOLE-Abra explains innovations in SPES

BANGUED, Abra, June 29(PIA)--The salaries of the beneficiaries of the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) will now be paid directly to them.


Dr. Alexander D. Gumabol, the new provincial head of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), said the direct payment of salaries to the SPES beneficiaries is the innovation of the SPES implementation this year.

In the past, the 60 percent counterpart of DOLE in the salaries of the students was paid to the schools where they were employed. This time, the checks will be given to the individual students to allow them to manage their own money.

Paying in the name of the individual students facilitate easier encashment of the checks.

Moreover, students will be given the freedom to choose the school where they wish to enroll in the succeeding semester or school year rather than being compelled to remain in the school where they are currently enrolled even if they wish to transfer, simply because the school does not give to the students the excess amount of their salaries not consumed for the school fees paid.

Gumabol reported that there were 846 slots pledged for SPES from 15 local government units (LGUs) including the provincial government of Abra. However, only 820 were actually employed because LGU-Tineg had not started yet. 

Christopher Tugadi, Labor and Employment Officer said, there is only one participant from the private sector in this year’s SPES implementation. This is the Abra Mountain Development Educational Center (AMDEC) in Bucloc.

Meanwhile, Gumabol assured the continuing implementation of all other programs of DOLE such as the TUPAD (Tulong Para sa Disadvantaged Sector).  Through TUPAD, people in the communities are given livelihood through labor. The people are paid for their services in repairing their irrigation canals. The funds are minimal though, but at least the farmers are paid for their labor at the same time they are able to fix their irrigation structures that they need in farming. 

Gumabol also added that DOLE’s support to the Small and Medium Enterprises will continue in order to strengthen and sustain their businesses. (PIA Abra)






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