10 November 2019 Abra

Abrenian youth creates for Cordillera autonomy

BANGUED, ABRA – NEDA-CAR, in partnership with the Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government, gathered college and senior high school students of Bangued for a one-day forum on Cordillera autonomy and infographics workshop on October 22. Philip Tingonong, CCAGG Chairman and Cordillera autonomy advocate, discussed the legal basis for the region’s pursuit of autonomy and Abra’s historic role in such a pursuit. Michael Paredes of the Divine World College later shared the basics and tips on creating infographics.

09 November 2019 Abra

Abra IMPRs bind to preserve culture, protect their land, people

BANGUED, Abra, Nov. 7 (PIA) -- With a common goal of serving their ancestral domains, all the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives (IPMR) from the Tingguian communities of the province convened for the IPMRs’ summit.  

26 October 2019 Abra

Abra PLGU sponsors free hospitalization for senior citizens

BANGUED, Abra Oct.  (PIA) -- The provincial government provides  free hospitalization for senior citizens through the “Yakap ni Gov. Joy kay Lola at Lolo.”

26 October 2019 Abra

DTI-Abra brings consumer rights info drive to barangays

BANGUED, Abra, Oct. 24 (PIA)--The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Abra is  bringing its information dissemination campaign  to the barangays  to strengthen awareness of the public on their rights, interests, and as well as responsibilities as consumers.

26 October 2019 Abra

PSA prepares public for nat’l ID mass registration by mid-2020

BANGUED, Abra, Oct. 24(PIA) -- The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is preparing the public for the start of mass registration on the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) by July 2020.

26 October 2019 Abra

Abra hosts 5th leg of Cordillera DRRM Caravan

BANGUED, Abra, Oct. 24(PIA) – The Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) - led DRRM Caravan here truly served as an avenue for the regional, provincial and municipal stakeholders to interface and discuss concerns and challenges in the implementation of disaster –related policies and programs.

26 October 2019 Abra

Abra med techs, RHU workers train on proper collection of infectious specimen

BANGUED, Abra, Oct. 25(PIA) -- The Provincial Health Office (PHO) and the Department of Health (DOH)–Cordillera conducted training on specimen collection, storage, handling and transport during infectious disease outbreak for health workers in the province.

28 September 2019 Abra

Abrenian civil servants reminded to serve with integrity

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 27(PIA)-- The Civil Service Month commemoration is not only a celebration for the Civil Service Commission(CSC) itself, but a celebration of all the workers of the government and the commitment they have to serve the administration through all its thrusts and projects.

28 September 2019 Abra

Abra LGUs declare CTGs 'persona-non-grata'

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 27 (PIA) -- All the municipal local government units of the province have declared all Communist-Terrorist Groups (CTGs) as “persona-non-grata” in their areas of localities through their enacted Sangguniang Bayan resolutions.

26 September 2019 Abra

Clearing operations decongest Bangued roads

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 20 (PIA) -- Moving around the capital town is now being eased  as  local officials  continue to implement  clearing operations of roadblocks.

17 September 2019 Abra

Abrenian Heritage Film Fest finalists named

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 13(PIA) -- Four documentary films and one short film are the top five finalists for the first-ever Abrenian Heritage Film Festival (AHFF).

17 September 2019 Abra

Abra LGU promotes voluntary blood donation

DOLORES, Abra, Sept. 16 (PIA) -- Voluntary blood donation is being pushed  in the municipality in continuing efforts to inform and  motivate people of sharing their blood to save lives and to contribute to the attainment of adequate blood supply in the province.

17 September 2019 Abra

RHU weighing scales calibrated for accuracy

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 16(PIA) -- All weighing scales of the rural health units (RHUs) of the different municipalities were calibrated to ensure accurate weight   of children.

18 August 2019 Abra

CSOs' active participation in local governance sought

BANGUED, Abra, Aug. 14(PIA) - -More civil society organizations (CSO) are expected to get involved in participatory governance in the province. 

18 August 2019 Abra

300 Abra cops join in 1st PNP Skills Olympics

BANGUED, Abra, Aug. 14(PIA) -- More than 300 personnel of the Abra Police Provincial Office (PPO) and the different municipal police stations took part in the Philippine National Police (PNP) Skills Olympics 2019 to boost their skills and ensure their fitness.





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