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Bamboo leaves as chicken feed and fodder

The bamboo has multifarious uses from its roots to its tips. It is an alternate raw material for wood furniture industry or engineered for construction building materials, furniture and fixtures, handicrafts and various novelty items. Its roots have medicinal properties and its fiber can be loom-woven into smooth garment.


It is also effective material to protect the deteriorating environmental condition due to its fast regenerative character. No part of the bamboo stalk is thrown away for its waste can be made into charcoal as an alternate energy source.

Bamboo thrives well in the province of Abra and one of the most useful resources in the province. The province has in fact adopted bamboo as its One Town One Product, and   its foundation anniversary celebration is called Abrañean Kawayan Festival.

The abundance of bamboo in the province may have inspired Carmelita B. Bersalona of Bangued, Abra to embark on a research. And the result may contribute to food security and poverty alleviation.

Bersalona’s research showed that bamboo leaves are most useful, not only as foliage to keep the fertility of the soil at the same time keep the soil from erosion, but as chicken feed and fodder.

The Japan Foundation and Japan Bamboo Society in their Bamboo Journal No. 30 dated March 2017 published the abstract of the research report of Bamboo Ambassador Bersalona. Her study presents how ”feeding chickens on an organic diet containing fresh bamboo leaves results in increase in body weight by as much as 70 percent more than those fed on standard organic diets.”

The study showed that fiber in the bamboo leaves enlarges the digestive tract of the chickens and enabling them to consume more and to grow faster.

Those interested in the details of the research may contact PIA Abra or Ms. Bersalona at Linasin, Zone 1, Bangued.

Maria Teresa B. Beñas(JDP/MTBB – PIA CAR, Abra)