Abra’s IP Elders: Partners for peace and development

BANGUED, Abra, July 25(PIA) -- Cultural barriers are some of the reasons why diversity in community is so lively. There are conflict of ideas and interests by which human society cannot achieve the peace that it longs to have.


That’s why we need to recognize the political and social aspirations of the indigenous peoples (IPs) in order to break any separation and division to attain peace and order.

During the week-long celebration of “Rambak ti Kappia 2017” with the theme: “Taginayunen ti Kappia, #JOYn na”,  IP elders of the different municipalities of the province of Abra convened last July 11 at the Abra Provincial Capitol Social Hall for the IP Elders Summit.

Here, the IP Elders sat together to come up with a Pagta (peace pact) that could help facilitate the resolution of conflicts not only among the various tribal communities of Abra but also those that affect the political relations of the political rivals that is believed to have been one of the major causes of criminality particularly of the political killings in the province.

Main resource speaker, Dr. Paulina D. Sawadan, expounded on the different active cultural practices in Abra and on how these can be utilized at least to advance human society to the point where states and classes will be reduced or eventually eradicated. Maria Teresa B. Benas (JDP/MTBB/C. Tubadeza -PIA CAR, Abra)