Abra launches Pasalubong Center, Centennial Exhibit

BANGUED, Abra, Mar. 1 (PIA) -- Gearing for ASEAN economic agenda and tourism breakthrough, the provincial government launched the Abra Pasalubong Center and Centennial Exhibit today as part of the Abra Centennial celebration opening activities.


Goods and souvenir items from all over the province are available in the newly launched and first ever Pasalubong Center. There are  ‘abel’ (woven) bags and clothes, bamboo sling bags, hand bags and back packs, mini bamboo bike display, tee shirts, button pins, bamboo fans, bamboo plates and batek (Tingguian beads). There are also herbal soaps made by the women organization of Tubo and other herbal products.

Food products like chichacorn, coffee, muscovado, balikutsa (native candy), inladit (sweetened crackers), linaddit (vegie noddles), basi (wine), tablea (chocolate), vinegar, pickles and puree are also available.

Vegetables abundant in Abra all year round like squash, ginger, radish, tomatoes and cabbage and lettuce from the upland areas are on sale, too.

Meanwhile, it’s a walk back in time in the Centennial Exhibit featuring the life, customs and tradition of Abrenios in the past.

Displayed in the exhibit are gears the Abrenian forefathers used like ‘kalasag’ (warrior shield), ‘kampilan’ (sword during Japanese occupation) and ‘Solbatana’ (Tingguian hunting blow gun).

Dining wares like ‘kubyertos’ during Spanish era and the ‘dulang’ or the native low dining table are also in the exhibit.

Evident that Abrenios even long before show love and passion for music are musical instruments like ‘Ulibao’ (bamboo harp), ‘Gangsa’ (gong) and ‘Tongatong’ (bamboo brass).

In terms of fashion, on display are different Tingguian clothes, distinctively woven Tingguian Kinamayan Healing Ritual Cloth or the so called “rainmaker”, and the 150-year old Tingguian Women Batek.

Displayed also are the ‘Bayengyeng’, a large bamboo flask used for carrying drinking or laundry water, ‘Kattukong’ or bottle gourd hat and many more.

The Abra Centennial exhibit   reflecting the province’s past reinforces the Abra people’s sense of history which contributes to stronger sense of place and continuity while the Abra Pasalubong Center showcases the potentials of the province in the national and international markets. By: Ginalyn B. Brioso(JDP/GBB- PIA CAR, Abra)